Gloucester Coffee Shop | For Lovers Of Coffee
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Amazing Atmosphere

The ambience of our shop is something that will definitely relax you and help you have a good time.

Perfect Coffee

The coffee that we offer is definitely one of the best as we use handpicked Brazilian coffee seeds.

Healthy Juices

We not just about coffee. We are definitely more than that. Try out our wide range of healthy juices in our menu.

Small Meals

Wana grab some bites? Do miss to try our small meals that can fill your tummies and hearts.

The Real Coffee Experts
When it comes to coffee we are absolutely sure that no one is capable of matching the quality that we offer. We proudly brew tank coffee. From the selection of the coffee seeds to serving them to our customers, we are so particular about a lot of things in every step.
Everything You Love About Coffee

Our History

We started this place for the love that we have for coffee. We made sure that the coffee that we offer is of the finest quality from the very beginning. Our uncompromising attitude has made us exceptional and has made our business venture a successful one.

Enjoy a Coffee & Meal With Us

If you are planning to have a good coffee and some amazing meals, we can assure you that we can live up to your expectations and satisfy your hunger needs.

From Our Blog
  • Coffee lovers out there – this one's for you! It's time you start experimenting with the various coffee flavours trending around in the world. So here's a checklist – tick off the ones you've tried and try out the ones you haven't!


    Well, if you're a coffee lover and haven't tried this out, ahem! You must head out today and try this wonderful amalgamation of coffee blended with ice, cream and other ingredients!


    Espresso and hot water are all you need to whip up a classic Americano! Just the right consistency and brewing will get you the perfect Americano.

    Cafe Mocha:

    How about coffee with hot milk and to add to the beauty, a dash of chocolate – that's Cafe Mocha for you!

    Cafe Cubano:

    Cubans cannot start off their day without their shot of Cafe Cubano! It's a strong coffee, with ground coffee powder and sweetened hot water as the only ingredients. If you want to get caffeine high, this is the best bet!

    Irish coffee:

    Coffee with a shot of whiskey? Doesn't that sound great? A perfect cocktail of the best ingredients!

    Black Eye:

    Coffee with a shot of espresso – classy and straightforward, the Black Eye too, is one of the most favoured coffee drink in the world.

    Caramel Macchiato:

    A speciality from Starbucks, the Caramel Macchiato is one tasty rendition of the good ol' frappuccino! Caramel Macchiato is iced coffee with a hint of vanilla essence to it. Try it out for a refreshing change!


    A dessert? A drink? Affogato is both! A coffee based drink that has gelato as one other base ingredients is sheer bliss to consume!

    Cafe Latte:

    Espresso, steamed milk and foam – all in the right proportions give you the lovely Cafe Latte! And yes, it's also one of the most popular coffee drinks around the world.


    A strong espresso with little milk – that's cortado, which also happens to be the Latin Americans favourite afternoon drink!

    Turkish coffee:

    Coffee powder, milk and water – the three main ingredients of a great Turkish coffee. What's different you may ask? Well, it's the Turkish Coffee bean powder that adds the distinct taste to this otherwise plain Jane coffee.


    This one takes the least time to prepare and is one of the most preferred coffees across the world. Just enough coffee with hot water poured into it gives you your classic espresso!

    Iced Coffee:

    A refreshing drink that has coffee dunked with ice into it, it's the best bet you can have in the sweltering summers!

    Cafe Au Lait:

    A version of coffee from France, the Cafe Au Lait is half brewed coffee and half milk – perfectly amalgamated together!


    A latte which is prepared with half and half instead of whole milk – that gives you Breve a delectable version of the coffee!